The Team

The SquirrelRats (SqRts) team is comprised of King Leonidas (The King) and MojoRising (AKA The Top Tardi).

The King is the founder of The 300, a Discord server designed to help and enlarge the Chia CAT community. MojoRising is the creator of the Tiny Tardigrades Club, which specialises in creating collectible tardigrade based NFTs.

The King and MojoRising were involved in Chia farming in the TestNet days and have worked together over the last six months. It turns out they have skills that compliment art based NFT creation and decided to form the SqRts project. 


The Concept

The SqRts are the brain child of the King. When he initially broached the idea of a SquirrelRat hybrid rodent, MojoRising had an inkling the King was losing it and had gone mad. Turns out, it was and is in fact his pet name for his significant other, because she can be cute like a squirrel and devious like a rat. 

Oddly enough there is such a thing as a rat squirrel, but we had no idea until recently.



So, MojoRising, being the trained artist, was given the task of creating the first ever SqRt back in February 2022. After many iterations, an agreed design was in place and the work of creating traits and backgrounds that suited a SqRt began in earnest.

But there was a problem. The artist in MojoRising was searching for context. What exactly is the purpose of a SqRt? And then it became obvious. Sustainability. Chia is a sustainable block chain. Proof of Space and Time is more sustainable than Proof of Work. Bitcoin, for example, uses massive amounts of energy, producing lots of CO2, whereas Chia does not.

So, a clear context could be seen: sustainability vs unsustainability, nature vs consumerism and pollution, the natural environment vs the urban environment.

Logo 2

The Next Stage

1. SquirrelRat will Launch on NFT1.

2. There will be no second series!

3. Holders will have access only to future project development.

4. Each NFT will have a special feature seen in no other NFT on the Chia blockchain.

5. Once minted we will publish more info for all those who have supported the SquirrelRat mischief.

6. Be excited, be very excited!!!!!!

rocket clipart copy